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amajules (profile) wrote,
on 3-10-2004 at 3:09pm
Current mood: soothed...if only a little
i wrote on my other journal so read this and then i'll type a response to the one you sent me.

~*yeah just by some odd coincidence me and my bf of 1yr 1month and two days broke up Monday night. when we finally hung up the phone, i cried like convulsuvely...hard enough to make me throw up and to get a really bad headache. i didn't go to sleep that nite till like 3am.

i bet some of you are thinking he did it...and that we hate each other...not the case

let me tell you about him and me, Randy goes to college, graduated last yr. he's lived here all his life. he's a band geek, and i'm a chorus/drama freak. i moved down here bout 2 yrs ago from N.Y. and met Randy during the second semester of his last last yr my first yr. (first yr in the school which was my jr yr his snr yr.) we both auditioned for the school play "into the woods", and i loved his tenor voice. we hit it off and ever since then we've been inseparable. so i'm in my Snr yr here, and he's in his freshman yr in college for music education...a 5 yr course. that's cool and i love it, b/c i wanted to be a music teacher. (he wants to be a band teacher and me a chorus teacher specifically)

so the play we're doing this yr is joseph and the amazing technicolored dreamcoat and we don't have enough brothers so the director asked randy to do the play and he agreed, so i have to see him every day after school till 6.

my chorus teacher let us stay in the chorus room from 3:30 till 6 to talk things out, and we did.

this is the whole, "right people wrong time" thing
we are very much in love and will always be, it's not that we want to break up it's that we are always arguing about not spending enough time together b/c he's always going away to do some band thing. and i'm always going away to do some chorus thing. so we're broken up just b/c we need to stop being so....all over each other, and guess, but just for awhile things have been weird between us, like we're ALWAYS fighting and i hate it, something's happened where a part our relationship died. so we're taking a break and it hurts, but we always decided to stay the best friends that we've always been, still hanging out on weekends, calling each other, every (other) night (now). just like ABSOLUTE BESTEST friends. so we're cool. and i still love him and he still loves me. i know it. and so does he.

but anyways, imma gunna go, we're about to leave the library....dude, i wrote all this in 15 minutes!!!!!!

hey grly, i knew u'd call that's why i said not to! yeah i do feel alone. i talked w/ Josh, Sara and Jeremy, till like 1 last nite. i baby-sat last nite, and then they came home and Jeremy came over for awhile and i had already told Sara and she told Josh on the way to the he asked what all happened.
--so that's the explanation......but lemme go class is about to end and i have to go to the library....again
luv you
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