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miwako-chan (profile) wrote,
on 3-10-2004 at 10:36pm
Current mood: energetic
Music: "Your Faith in Me" Jessica Simpson
Which Animal Is Your Sex Symbol? by antiprep
Your AnimalRabbit(super energetic)
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That sounds like me! I love rabbits... they're my favorite animals. I feel all right tonight. My friend Brittney came over today for a little bit. We got to talk for a while and then I made her into a DDR fan ^^. She seemed to have a good time.

Does anyone know when boy's basket ball ends? I really hope it's soon...

I totally flunked my math quiz (I got a 31% (gawd I feel like Usagi from Sailor Moon -_-;; )) So my grade most likely has gone WAY down. That is the last thing I need right now... I just keep reminding myself that next year is my last year of math, and only 56 more days of Mrs. VanWieren's terror. I know I will pass the class, but I am worried about how it will look on my GPA. I am so glad that math is not what art colleges look at.

I made a little boy out of wire today for my team's ArtWorks project. I really don't like the artist who I have to work with. She is very stubborn and seems to be prejudice... She acts like African-Americans can't learn (she teaches at a mostly African-American school). There are just as many white people who struggle, and there are a lot of African-Americans who work hard. It frusterates me that she will never listen to my ideas; only to Jessica's (my other team member). She always complains how I am "too cutesy" and weirdly happy. I just try to make the mood pleasant. She certainly doesn't try. Jessica seemed to be frusterated with me last week and I don't really know why. She says I was faking who I was to please Bonnie (which I wasn't doing..) I am really trying to help, but they make my patience run thin.

Gizmo can finally run up and down the stairs! It's so cute!!!!

Well see you all


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