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megan_16 (profile) wrote,
on 3-11-2004 at 8:30am
Current mood: chipper
I am in school ~ WOW ~ very boring. so last night I finally got to take my nap and it was good. I counted my pants because I was bored and once a person asked me how many pants I had and I had no answer for them so heres to all who wonder about that. I have 9 kackis, 11 jeans, and two pairs of black dress pants. THATS ALOT. if I do say so myself. SO - like many of you I'm sure.... I absolutly hate our school. Cedar = dumb. The teachers are really really REALLY stupid and I dont like it I just cant wait to graduate and thats STILL a while away. well I am going to go - - - - - - - - BYE
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