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RagDoll (profile) wrote,
on 1-1-2003 at 8:17am

What's YOUR Writing Style?

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You are a dark writer. A fierce and loyal follower of Poe and the other gothic authors, you LOVE to instill a sense of revulsion and somewhat fear in your readers. You love to poke their brains with logic dealing with the darker side of the human mind and character. Truly surprising and a true individual, you'll do ANYTHING to create a scene. :)


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Sometimes, E sends me some goofy quizzes.

The inkblot exam indicated the following:

your unconscious mind is driven most by Peace

You are driven by a higher purpose than most people. You have a deeply-rooted desire to facilitate peacefulness in the world. Whether through subtle interactions with love ones, or through getting involved in social causes, it is important to you to influence the world.

You are driven by a desire to encourage others to think about the positive side of things instead of focusing on the negative. The reason your unconscious is consumed by this might stem from an innate fear of war and turmoil. Thus, to avoid that uncomfortable place for you, your unconscious seeks out the peace in your environment.
Usually, the thing that underlies this unconscious drive is a deep respect for humankind. You care about the future of the world, even beyond your own involvement in it. As a result, your personal integrity acts as a surrogate for your deeper drive toward peace and guides you in daily life towards decisions that are respectful toward yourself and others.

Though your unconscious mind is driven most strongly by Peace, there is much more to who you are at your core.


This is what happens when you don't see cock everywhere.

I think that's part of the problem. I don't see those things. Even when I think about sex, it's in the abstract. It's the scenarios, the psychology that I admire more than the actual play. Then again, it's hard for me to be touched, and harder still for another to control my passion, as would be normal.

christmas shopping went without a hitch. RL, I hope you like it. I feel bad, because my first two choices were total duds. Maybe I'll be able to pick them up later. S is getting a snoopy sno cone maker. E is getting a funny game. I didn't have the heart to give her FFVII. She asked me if she should watch 'Graveyard of the Fireflies'. I told her she would feel more cheerful watching kittens drown.

I picked up the obligatory videos; LOTR:SE and SW:AOTC. I wanted more Berserk, but my brother and soon-to-be sister in-law's wedding gift took priority. I think the coolest thing I picked up was the dvd box set of the Don Bluth Laserdisc games. I hope S's dad gets a kick out of it.

I don't want to go to the wedding. I hate being the fat kid.

'Fall of the Kings' is Brilliant. Along with 'Swordspoint', it's must-read ST material.

I was asked to do a story about sasha from MBH. Who knew?

I love diddles. I could have talked to the trio for hours.

And I'm still not sure about any superhero outfit that was supervised by E.
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