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amajules (profile) wrote,
on 3-12-2004 at 9:59am
Subject: make-ups (and hopefully) make-ups
~hey i like don't have any time to write anymore, so once again, i'll just paste what i already wrote in my other journal....sorry bout the cursing and the thing about adriane and lauren at the end doesn't apply to ya! luv you

~*so me and Randy talked toady @ practice. he gave me a clawduh (sp?) ring on our 5 month anniversary and when we broke up, i turned it out to show that i was single (but i put it back b/c i didn't want ppl to know) but anyways, today @ practice i turned it around, and after fighting for awhile, we "made-up" and he turned back around (to show i was taken) and he said we still need to talk out our stuff. like, just....stuff. and that's cool. my personal thought is that our relationship just needed to calm down a bit. as far as intensity goes, i mean we act like a married couple alllll the time. i mean ppl and friends call him my hubby, and just recently a friend of mine said, "You guys are already engaged right?" people were so shocked when they heard we broke up, that their reactioned was.....(eyes wide) "Oh My God? Why?"
or "What?! When? What happened?" either one saw it coming. i guess cuz i like to keep our fights and our business, well, ours. everyone thinks we're this perfect couple, and they look up to it, i get grls w/ their man probs alll the time asking me for advice. Actually i told my friend Barbie (sorry Sarah, i know you hate her) and she was like " u guys'll get back together, don't worry, i know you guys will, you love him, and he loves you." then like the next day, Tiffany Payton came into class crying over her ex-boy, who whad a gf now...and she goes "god i hate it when grls cry over boys, that's sucha waste of time." and i laughed and was like "that's not what you said to me when i cried on your shoulder about randy yesterday." and she goes (in front od Tiffany none the less) "well, you guys are different, you really love each other." lol
anyways all to say. i love him, and i'm gunna make this work, and i won't get upset when he has to go to a band thing, and i'll try really hard. i mean REALLY hard. i never want to lose him again. i'm just glad he's back in my life. i just want us to be happy. and i want to make sure that he's the one by my side for prom, for graduation, for the rest of my short. lol
i'm gunna go. thanx to everyone who's been there for me through all know who you are....and if Lauren or Adriane think it's them...IT'S NOT!
-getting better-

NOTE-TO-SELF ~ i can't stand people, who are like, i'm your friend and i love you...but don't do JACK SHIT to help you out, or give you advice or let you borrow a shoulder....or in Sarah's case a leg, to cry on.....must remember that amanda, must remember that.

luv you Julie-grl
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