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lowbacca1977 (profile) wrote,
on 3-12-2004 at 5:22pm
so its friday.......i last put stuff here wednesday....
well, i finished off the work week having made like......150 dollars for the month. 50 of that goes to gas, the rest i'm just saving up since i'm too cheap to spend my money unless its really darn worth it.
i think i may have regained a pound or two for now....but i'm also now having issues with being really sick again. of course, my parents are blaming things randomly again and the threats of doctors and stuff are out again, which really just makes everything worse. i mean......doctors are this particular case, a total waste of money. but they really don't care....i'm having stress related issues, so logically the best way to fix that is yell at me a lot and create MORE stress. i'm sick of that sort of mindset from them.

then again, i'm having issues with mindsets in general. like, i'm getting frustrated with mine. or more precisly, i'm getting frustrated about still caring about some things that it would be easier not to, but i really don't feel like i've a choice. i can't just turn off caring in my brain, so it leads to me worrying about things that i shouldn't and the like.

and then the final thing.....some anime thing at chris' tonight at 6. i doubt i'm going to be there that long...i mean, i came home early from school because i was sick, and i've been in bed much of the time since, so i don't think i'll be there for more than a few hours.....but well ill see
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