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Clarencechica (profile) wrote,
on 3-14-2004 at 8:58pm
as a conclusion to my previous entry, coffee bay is now gone... i had gotten a phone call from carmen on saturday evening around 6pm saying that at 11pm tonight he will be closing the store for good. i guess the reason why i am so mad (not surprised but mad) is because i know carmen knew, and he waited until the absolute fucking minute to tell anyone..... and you know what? if anything, he owed it to ME of all people! i mean, jesus christ, i had even asked him about 3 months ago to at least have the decency to let me know ahead of time so i wouldn't be fucked, and out of a job, and his answer to that was "sure, oh no, you will absolutely know ahead of time" and ya know what? BULL SHIT! and i can't even believe it, and me, i am extremely fucking lucky to have gotten the other job offer from julie because i would be just as screwed as the other employees.
but i talked to julie today and i start work on wednesday at 830am. i have to go in and meet with her manager donna tomorrow. i have to go and buy all new clothes because i really don't have any "dress up" clothes. i know that sounds so dumb but i have never had a job where i couldn't wear jeans, or didn't have a uniform, i will be weird for a little while i guess, but i am going to have to get used to wearing something other then jeans, a tshirt and i visor!
well, it is now less then 3 months to the wedding, i am getting soooooo excited now, (yes nervous too, but excited!)
alright, it is almost past my bedtime, (even though it will be weird not having to actually get up to go to work so early, even though i have to for mikey anyways. but yeah, weird none the less.
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