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shorty4lyfe714 (profile) wrote,
on 3-15-2004 at 10:38am
Current mood: bored. sexi
Music: lolipop porn - crazytown
Subject: wating for ty to come back
~I N F O R M A T I O N~:
Name: Taryn
Sex: Babi Gurl
Grade: 7th
Age: 13
Birth date: October 7,1990
Birth place: Ft.Myers,Florids (lee memorial hospital) lol
Hair color: Dirrty Blonde wit natural blonde highlights
Eye Color: blue/green depends my mood
Height: short 4' 11'' i think
Weight: 93 ty i lost 3 lbs. lol
Shoe size: 5-6-7 depends the shoe
Pants size: 0-3 depends the pants
Piercings/Tattoos: 3 in each ear
Live with: mom, dad, sis, gma
Live in: house
Single/Taken: Single n wishin
Longest relationship: frank i dunno how long
Crush: Ty i love u !
~F A V O R I T E S~
Color: Blu n Black
Song: yeah -usher, lil jon, n luda & dirt off ur sholders -jay z
Music: rap / rock
Movie: haunted mansion lol
Band: Crazytown / 9in. nails / korn / lunatics / DTP
Actor: Johnny Depp
Actress: Drew Barrymore ? i dunno
Clothes: tommy, bongo, express
Shoes: Phat Farms / kswiss
Bra/Underwear: outlooks lol i dunno
Food: ice cream - coffee
Drink: root beer / those coffee things i get, that EVERYONE ELSE drinks! heehee
Person: my friends
President: Lincoln
Car: 2004 Toyota Celica Gts lol Black wit a blu "t" on the hood hell ya wit spinners!
Truck: ford F350
State: Florida tha dirrty south holla!
Place to go to: the mall / movies
Country: U.S.A. holla heehee
Name: Alexys its' so pretty lol it's my sis' name (james thinks it's pretty don't u lol)
Book: When dad killed mom
Play: idk
Childhood Moive: Finding Nemo, i'm still in childhood lol
Sport: Football Go buccs lol
~T H I S ~ O R ~ T H A T~:
Dr. Pepper or Coke: Dr.Pepper, james n his diet coke lol
Black or white: Black lol
Car or Truck: Car
Sea Doo or Boat: Sea Doo? i pick Butt i mean Boat lol
River or Ocean: Ocean
Pool or Lake: Pool
Sports or T.V: Sports
Basketball or Baseball: Basketball
Long Hair or Short hair: Short i hate long it gets in ur way even though it's prettier
Fat or Thin: Thin
Pizza or Hamburgers: pizza
Scary Movie or Romantic: Scary Movie
Candle lite for two or Popcorn and a movie: Just a movie i don't like popcorn
Shoes or sandles: Shoes my toes r ugly
Cats or dogs: dogs
Hoodies or Jackets: hOodies
Day or Night: Night
Making love or one night stand: luv .. lol
Sponge Bob or Rugrats: Rugrats
Cartoons or MTV: MTV
Lights on or Lights off: Lights off ;-)
~ W H A T ~ P E R S O N ~
Hate: frank
Trust: all my friends even though they don't trust me :-(
Dislike: brad
Annoying: david
Nice: Heather
Sweet: Ty and Andrew
Funny: Elyse n Heather n Courtney
Hottest: Ty! n Brad! n Frank!
Cutest: Leslie
Dorky: Janielle
Most likely to be a striper: ummm... me lol no i dunno
Most likely to have many kids: April
Most likely to live off their parents: don't kno
Most likely to die before 50 years of age: Heather.. her n her drugs lol i <3 weed jp gurl, prolly sara but don't kill ur self ok? plz i luv u girl, sammi did n i miss her
Most likely to be Miss America: Lelsie lol
Most likely to complete dreams: Maria or Megan
Most likely to be a doctor: none were all dumb lol jp
Most likely to be alone: David :-(
Most likely to be Rich: Ty with all his drugs lol
Most likely to be Poor: me
Willing to put feelings aside and help other people: all of them sepecially the triplets
Willing to make people happy: elyse n court
Talks a lot: Def. me n bobbie n maria n kahliegh n court n meg n elyse n heather n leslie n kelci n lauren all of us lol
Ask to many questions: me! i'm always confused n bobbie
Day dreamer: les... lol she's not listenin
Immature: Brad chris frank david kenton
To mature: the triplets lol
Knows what they want in life: the triplets n meg
Rude: David
Mean: Frank
Sarcastic: Heather
Up Front: all of them who don't LIE thanks for tellin me what u thought when i needed u to
Honest: no heather she lies lol umm lauren
~ Y O U R ~ D R E A M ~ M A T E ~
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: brown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120
Shoe Size: 10 big lol big hands n big feet = big socks n big gloves lol
Pant Size: 29
Funny/Lame: funni
Cute/Sexy: sexy
Honest/Liar: hOnest
Romantic/Boring: romantic
~ O T H E R S ~
Nail Color: pink w/ playboi bunnies
Toe nail color: light blu
Favorite number: 7 or 14
Pets: 1 cat / jackie
How many bothers and sisters: 1 biological, alexys
What kind of car do you have: chevy venture (van) chevy impala, n a F150
What is your biggest fear: Loosin some1 i love
What is your biggest accomplishment: Living
What is your biggest Failure: way 2 many
What is your biggest dream: to marry the guy i luv n be a lawyer
Are you sweer or sour: sweet yet sour
Are you a goal getter: nah
Are you realistic or a Dreamer: Dreamer
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