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daydream (profile) wrote,
on 3-16-2004 at 1:41am
Music: rapid hope loss-dashboard confessional
opening night is thursday...yipes. we're no where near ready. but i know that with most plays you have to go through that scatterednervousdisheveled and completely not prepared stage in order to put on a decent production. we'll all get scared that things will really turn out badly and, hopefully, will work all that much harder in the few precious rehersals we have left. i wish i could blame all the confusion and unprepared-ness on our director seeing as she really is completely clueless. and no, i'm not being the know-it-all drama student who thinks they know everything about the theater...the woman really doesn't have a clue. our old drama teacher was absoultely amazing, but her husband's job forced them to move we have miss hatton. nice person, no doubt about that, but she's only ever done middle school productions. trying to teach and direct for the first time at a highschool is not an easy task, and people are really being horrible to her. everyone just misses mrs. schloss so much, she was truly wonderful. not much we can do about it now, tho complaints have been filed against miss hatton to the school board. needless to say she won't be returning next year. i haven't met her replacement yet, but i hear he's a nice guy. hopefully he won't be torn apart by his students like miss hatton was. hopefully he'll have worked in a highschool before. and hopefully he'll have directed a highschool production before, because this is just bad. not one of the better performances i will have been a part of, but we all have our sour notes. i know my lines, songs and dances. all i can do now is hope everyone else will pull their characters together.

some pretty amazing concerts are coming up in ol' st. lou. i've already bought tickets to three.

april 9-an evening with o.a.r
may 6-ani difranco
may 26-dashboard confessional w/thrice.

not too shabby eh? dave matthews is coming in june along with incubus and warped tour. but, rumor has it incubus and warped are on the same day. this causes some major problems. last years warped was quite dissapointing tho, and incubus has yet to dissapoint me. so far the final vote is leaning towards incubus, but i'm still hoping it's just a rumor and that the two gigs are actually on different days. i've tried checking dates for myself, but always seem to run into some technical difficulties in the process. all i can do is keep checking, i guess.

i dyed my hair today. a deep cherry red. it's gorgeous. i've had different variations of red hair for a while now, but this shade might be my favorite. it's a shame that when the actual dye is on my head it makes me want to itch my skin off. and the rinsing process took a crazy long amount of time, but this color is just too good. i think i'll just have to keep grinnin' and bearin' it.

i think sleep is calling me. a good night's rest would be perfect, lets see what happens. till' next time.
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