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shorty4lyfe714 (profile) wrote,
on 3-16-2004 at 11:02am
Current mood: helpful
Music: x gonna give it to ya - dmx
i feel like the past few days have showed how much of a good friend i am i dunno if it does in the other people's eyes but in mine i think it shows that i am a good person who will be there for them cuz i have no life n i sit by the phone lol rite elyse? ok get this will start wit leslie n andrew! andrew likes leslie but she don't wanna go out wit him cuz shes afraid n i get were she's commin from n i told him if he likes her as much as he says he does he should respect what she wants to do n give her time to relize everything that's goin on she needs time to kno that everything is real ya kno? n now to elyse awwww gurl i'm so happy that ur happier now she i kno what u did n i kno y so i understand u n he was bein a jerk n that's not cool cuz what he compared this to was bullshit that's not cool at all james broke ur heart n u dealt with it u didn't break his heart n he's no dealing with it so in away ur a better person then him ya kno? but like courtney says people deal with things in different ways but as old as he is he should be a lil bit more mature then he's bein n he's not so that's a lil fucked up, i kno why u wanna go out wit him but don't cuz i went out wit frankie again after i broke up wit him n that was a mistake cuz he hated me for doin it ni could tell the whole time we were goin out after that n i didn't feel like it was workin now ryan is gonna remember this forever n later on if u go out again he's gonna bring it up in ur face n ur gonna be pissed but i want ut o make ur own decission cuz i'm just hear to give u all the advice i can i can't make ur decissions for u just like u can give me advice but u can't tell me what i can n can't do even though i listen to u way to much lol ;-) but if we listened to everything everyone says then the world world be perfect n that's no fun lol in ways problems help us out cuz they give us experience that we'll need lata in life n all i wanna say is that anyone who has problems n i kno u i'll do all i can do to make u laugh n help u with ur problem n that's all i can do i'll be the sholder for u to cry on i'll do anyhitng n everything i can do i luv everyone! ur guyz are all n more than i could ask for i luv u more then anything in the world!!!! muahz ttyl luv ya bye bye ~LiLt SHSWFL 4-> n BabE n ShorTy we in it togetha 4-> lol mauhz!
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