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sexycuban (profile) wrote,
on 3-17-2004 at 3:41am
Current mood: indescribable
Music: *The reason*
Subject: life
Wow today i sat down and thought about things and i figure what the hell am i doing being all depressed im done with that bs i wanna be happy even though inside im alone and messed up and crazy but i want to be i looked in the mirror and looked at my self and i wasnt happy on what i saw i saw a person that was sad and alone and wanting to be loved and a person that relies on someone else to make them happy thats not who i am im very happy on being alone if thats what is ment to be im going to let fate take its course...i gotta let go of my past and move on......i must sound stupid but if what w.e happend happends if it was ment to be it will happen...anywho well im going to go now b,c i sound really stupid...well bye bye

-love crystal
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