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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 3-17-2004 at 10:36pm
Music: the penis song
today was soo cool.

but lets start with yesterday.
when we went to wyoming, my uncle was sick, so he pased it on to me in my weakened state of traveling.

so i was in the car with my mom yesterday going to broadway. and she goes are you ok honey, and i went mmmmm, and shes like what was that and im like i think im going to barf. so she pulls into some convinence store/gas station and i just open the door and vomit on the pavement. i was really dainty and girly about it too my mom said. i wiped my mouth all nice and then puked some more. it was lovely. i had the phoe noodles the night before. and when they came up it looked like i had tapeworms. yum yum.

so we went to the shops on broadway and i got my brother the cd he wanted for his birthday. and we went and ate a little and i was feeling like shite so we just came home and watched some movies in zacks room.

i feel asleep at like 10 because i had a migrane and took tylolnol pm.

and todayyy
i woke up and showered and we went down to the seattle art muesum.

it was sooo cool and i loved it.

floyd is so cute hes irish so this is his day, he had this green irish shirt on, and in honor of this day we are having a boiled dinner made with guinness. it will be good yum :).

carina thanks for that cd again with the penis song. i just played it for floyd and zack. their reaction was greeeat. i loved it.

seattle is awesome. you people have no idea. seriously.

im gunna go supper is nearly done.

bye bye
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