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lowbacca1977 (profile) wrote,
on 3-19-2004 at 1:14am
what can i say? i do what i'm told.


Mike is the one i'm ok with....the ones i'm not so fond of.....
Lundy Bundy, Mikey, Christopher Robbins, and the list goes on. more probably will be added in the replies or something.

18....nearing 19.

Santa Clarita

would rather be where:
not sure.....australia, probably......or somewhere that my parents weren't.

would rather be doing what:
i'm on the comp, that works for me

favorite thing to do:
nothing. not like, i've got no fav thing...just, i like doing nothing now days.

book youíve read the most times:
i can't think of any books that i've read multiple times, offhand....probably something star wars.

annoying habit that drives you nuts:
people that find stupidity a redeeming quality. well, excessive stupidity

stupidest thing youíve ever done:
um....probably the time i thought it would be really cool to fill a 2 liter soda bottle with water, put it on the curb, and then hit it with my bike, causing the bike to fall off the sidewalk, fall over, and me go screaming down the street with my head bouncing along on the curb. yes, i had a helmet.

currently watching:
me type. cuz i can't type right otherwise

currently reading:
what i've already typed

currently consuming:
not much.....though i had a taco earlier.

currently listening to:
nothing.......since i'm the only person up and don't like headphones. though i was listening to MR earlier. cursed iTunes leading to me getting stuff i wouldn't otherwise.

currently under the influence of:
procrastination. sort of. and boredom

currently thinking about:
where everyone went....if i'm gonna get my work done before its all due tomorrow....and the usual stuff we all know i'm thinking.

last time you showered:
about....11 hours ago.

last time you cared:
it fluxuates......probably some point daily

last time you were at the beach:
i don't know.....after the harpoon incident, i stopped going to beaches....too paranoid

last time you drove a car and to/from where:
tonight......first to work, then to go on a bank run with bryan.

last time you bought something and what:
i bought gas today. $40 for a tank? give me a break!

last time you bought something illegal:
never have.

last time you were drunk:
never have, never will.

last time you were high:
see i seem boring

last time you did another type of drug:
um....advil two nights ago....caffeine today....thats about it, i think.

last time you had a smore:
"some more what?"
one of the first days of january in yosemite with sam with the fancy little smore kits. i can't believe i actually bought a smore kit.

last time you watched your favorite tv show and what was it:
i don't think i have a fav one......and tv takes time i could be at the computer. hmm....i guess itd then be clerks the cartoon, but thats off the air, so its been....couple months since i've watched it, i think though. yay for dvds

last time you ate and what:
around 3 hours ago when i had the afformentioned pork taco

last time you listened to the radio and what station:
this afternoon driving to work....KFI AM 640. woot.

last time you played a musical instrument and what was it:
hmm...i've got a keyboard, but that doesn't really count as playing. so, first grade when i played the recorder. and i ruled on it.

last time you injured yourself and how:
one of the many times i've kicked something in the hallway. or a chair, or something. i kick a lot.

last time you were sick and with what:
i've got something......i think....but i don't know what it is. its either sickness or a tapeworm.

last time you saw a friend and who:
um....i saw bryan today for the bank run

last time you talked to a friend and who:
hmm....well, sam talked to me enough to tell me to do this.....before that....jennie and tim. both have since gone silent. (note: tim reappeared later)

last time you posed for a picture:
when sam was here. yeah, i had to have posed for some pics i'm back to dodging them. 1337 dodging skillz

last time you cleaned your room:
right before sam came here, so she could have room for her stuff. cuz she had a lot of it.....whole....girls psycho amounts of clothes thing.

last time you played with fire:
i think i stopped after my stove started turning itself on every so often. since like.....those two thigns go together like.....karl and people that don't want to see him in a thong.

last time you saw one of your parents:
right before they went to bed hours ago

last time you ate fast food and where:
last night at the comp....chicken from wendy's.

last time you yelled at someone and meant it:
last time my mom said something implying she knew what was going on in my life, probably. i'd estimate.......probably back in december. since normally i don't yell back. mostly out of laziness

last time you had ice cream:
about 4 weeks ago on a thursday, maybe more, when kristal and i went to coldstone's and it was free cuz i knew the guy.

last time you did something stupid:
this evening.....either when i meant to say something about getting annoyed and said "do you know annoying that made me" or earlier when i just....couldn't type.

ever been in a car accident?
all. the. time.
ok, well....twice.....once when i was like 2 1/2 and some guy ran a red light and i bit a hole nearly all the way through my tounge. the other was when i 5 1/2 and some woman turned in front of my mom when we were going to school. i hit the dashboard :D

ever been out of state? where?
utah, aka mormonland....for a couple weeks total for two family reunions....and arizona for a few days for same reason. why can't my family live in states taht actually have stuff?

ever been out of the country? where?
australia for two of the best weeks of my life last july.

ever been in love?

ever been to a strip club?
no......though the threats continue to be made even

ever been to a drive thru starbucks?
i don't believe in coffee

ever been the only drunk person?
don't drink ever.

ever been up all night?
yup.....term papers. and the new years things at jeremy's that used to be. and the flight to australia...technically.

ever been to a concert youíre embarrassed you went to?
better yet, ever been to a concert? wait...i have been to those....its just....hollywood bowl.....or deaf concerts. now those rule. but then again, thats not the question.

ever been on acid or shrooms? brain came fried, i don't need acid to do that :)

ever been ice blocking?
um......i'm gonna guess this is sliding on a block of

ever been skinny dipping?
no.......which i figure is a good thing, more for everyone else. and if anyone hits on me based on will suffer.

ever been a patient in a hospital?
yup.....good old foot surgery.

have you ever cried in front of people [aside from childhood]?
um.......well, only under special circumstances. ie...not the upset thing...more the sensitive guy thing. thats good right? right? rats.

have you ever egged or toilet papered or forked or in any other way vandalized someoneís property?
no....thats what friends are for. doing your dirty work.

have you ever stolen anything?
um....i assisted in the stealing of an outback menu.....other than that....nothing that stays stole

have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?
no....and i'm not starting any time soon.

have you ever done karaoke?
nope.....can't sing. if at first you can't succeed, don't try again.

have you ever had food poisoning from a place and gone back?
vincenzo's makes me sick sometimes, and i keep eating there.....its good. even when its bad.

have you ever sent food back at a restaurant?
mcdonald's mostly. one would think a plain hamburger isn't confusing

have you ever had your car break down?
mine, no. good ol' jeep. but cars i've been in have. i think my mom's least once or twice, and sam's family's van-like-thing had the battery die in canberra.

person who makes you laugh:
um...stupid people (read: most friends)...kevin smith (hey, don't have to know them personally)

person who knows you the best:

person who shares your taste in movies:
bryan a bit....sam a bit.....i'm a mix with that stuff

person who shares your taste in music:
no one....who the heck else would listen to eminem, system of a down, moody blues, and moulin rouge in one day?

person who shares your taste in clothes:
i don't have taste in clothes, hense the problem.

person who can you depend on:
hmm...depend on depend on? i don't know anymore. various people have had their moments, but my constant person is gone in that sense

person who you see the most: of the people thats in like half my classes, since then i see her like....5 days a week, so thats......12 hours of classes, plus 2 hours of breaks. so really, i just got no actual social life. like thats any difference from how i was before.

person who you talk to on the phone the most:

person who you talk to online the most:, as of now this is tricky...
tim, liz (who no one knows really), whoever else i can corner when i'm lonely and doesn't have anywhere else to go

person who makes you feel better:
hmm.....not applicable for now there is someone that does so occasionally when i get to hear from her....but, the gaps in between, and the other circumstances feel like they work counter to that.

person who you canít stand: one i can't stand, per se. at least in the normal sense. karl, bryan, and chris all have their moments though.

person who you miss the most:
sam, without a doubt

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