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candysweet14 (profile) wrote,
on 3-20-2004 at 10:22am
Current mood: apathetic
Music: wha-whatever
Subject: holy crap
*is running around* somebody get this freakin duck away from me!!....*notices you*...oh...hey guys. um, Im just getting ready to run some errands. Yeah, you know, I gotta hide that ostrich egg in the couch, try out my new 3D goggles,um.. drink from my yu-gi-oh! sports cup, run around the house saying random things, and...uh-so as you can see, my agenda is filled with very important non-cancelable things. But I always save time on my busy schedule for you guys. Don't you feel loved? because in the time it took for me to type all of this I could be doing something worth-while. Like painting a picture..of a guy..with a knife. ooh..that sounds good. Imma get started on that right now. I could sell it to a big art museum or..some guy is paris...or somebody's dad.
So, until next time. bye.
and remember guys....take your vitamins...pretend your hilarious and always, always, email candice (me).
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