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lowbacca1977 (profile) wrote,
on 3-20-2004 at 2:03am
first thing postings here will continue for now. i'm currently working on a blogspot one, but its not ready. yet. it will be in a week or so, though.

anyways, so i figured i'd recap the last couple days.....wednesday night i had to go to sleep at midnight so that tom and my mom could get the sleep they needed to be up by 4. tom then left for new york thursday morning. he still hasn't checked in with my parents, proving he learned from my style of travel.
i of course got messed up by that. i ended up waking up 4 or 5 times in the night, and finally waking up for good at around 12:30 in the afternoon. a few hours after my class was. oh well. worked that night, but had some cancelations.....
i guess, one of the good things is that the last few days i've heard more from sam of her own action than i have, well......since january. i mean, even if it was next to nothing, it still really brightened my day that she did something to contact me for a change.....i don't want to lose all contact with her, and that was supportive of that not being the case.
of course........was up way too late thursday night......what with same favours for sam, and then having trouble getting to sleep, i don't think i fell asleep till after 5. i know it was at last 4:30 though. all this with having to be up at 6:30. and i had a midterm too....which i think i couldn't have gotten higher than a C on because i just blanked out on these things i should've known but just.....was too zoned out of it. hopfully i didn't do TOO bad on it. i'll have to work hard to reverse taht though. i'm just more shocked that someone that only sees me in my calc class could tell something was up in my behavior compared to last semister....but oh well, such am i.
did the video for time in a bottle for my grandparents anniversary after several hours of work. did all the photo resizings and stuff while MR about frying ones mind.

oh, and lets not forget the jiffy lube story. so thursdya, i go to jiffy lube, and while i'm waiting for them to get done with my jeep in the waiting room two girls that go to coc walk in....after a few minutes, one of them asks me if i come here often. wow....some people are just.....wierd. my only regret was that i couldn't come up with anything snappy for that as an answer. nevertheless, just reminded me how wierd people are. i also find it humorous considering who i know that would've thought it was a pick up line if said to them. outside of the obvious person, that is.

well, and now i'm getting to sleep before my mind boils away, my eyes start to bleed, or my thoughts corrode my soul.

later all.
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