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sexycuban (profile) wrote,
on 3-20-2004 at 9:43am
Current mood: tired
Music: NONE
Subject: MIlitary ball !!!
OMG WOW it was like so much fun and so many hot guys...yay hehe anywho i danced all night and with like random guys and sergeant saw me all over some guy and he was like hey hey do that in a corner hehe woot woot and i danced with carlos and like he had my leg on his hip hehe woot woot and sergeant C just sat there and laughed as like everyone was bumping and grinding and i got my hornyness out woot hehe but im not going to put how on my journal its no-ones biss.. but damn woot woot it was good..anywho there was a group of spanish guys trying to like show off and like me donna and some other girls got in the middle of the circle and like started a bump and grind line hehe woot woot it was awesome and i got like 5 #'s hehe and some really hot hispanic guy grabed my ass and i was like hello lol and like then we danced and some other stuff..hehe..and like it was just great and i had a great time and after it was over we drove nessa home then we went to an afterparty with some hot as guys but i really dont know what went down at the party cuz like everyone was like tired and like i ended up dancing with some really hot ass guy anywho it was just great..donna was like with some hot ass rocker hehe go donna!...well gots to go i wanna get some more sleep im really tired and my body hurts hehe bye bye adios peoples!

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