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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 3-21-2004 at 12:01am
Current mood: ;]
Subject: ill be little miss s, in my mini dress, livin it up to die
today was quite fun. one of my mothers close friends, Donna ( i call her grandma) moved out to brimmerton? i dont know if thats it or if thats exactly how it is spelled.

but it was fun because we were just talking and being around people i know from when i was younger make me happy. she has the most beautiful house. it is georgous. oh man. and my mother says she wants the house that her and floyd are going to build to be laid out somewhat like that. i was in awe because that would kick a momentous amount of ass.

it is so beautiful out here. i swear. we had to take a ferry to where donna lives. and we crossed puget sound. and i got to see mount rainer, which is a treat because seattle is usually cloudy so on normal days you dont see the mountain because of the clouds. and you can tell when you are looking at mt rainer because its so big it looks fake, like someone paibted it on a back drop.

yesterday we went to the UW campus again, and i finally got my passport crap done!!!! so now all that has to be done is the thing has to be sent to me. the only thing that could go wrong now, is what my dad has done to screw himself up come back to me, causing to not get my passport. which i hope doesnt happen, at all. or i will die.

the building that are the UW campus are wonderful. that campus is beautiful. i dont think i will end up going there for college though. i didnt get that twinge when i was standing there looking at it. like oooh i know this is where i will attend college.

i love the way everything is when you experience something for the forst time. you should see me in the car. we have gone down this road like 12 times since i have been here, and im still looking all around when we travel on it.

geeeze. OH MAN!!
last night i rode in a cab for theveryfirsttime!!!!!

can you believe that? the driver was great. he was like oh ive never had a virgin cab rider! not that im sayin youre a virgin, like i said none of that howard stern stuff. he was funny as hell i swear.

and last night we ate that the neatest resturant. it italian, called buca di beppo.
they have pictures and nic-nacs and little thing everywhere. its soo cool.

im gunna go. its past you bedtime anyway

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