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the-last-tear-will-fall (profile) wrote,
on 3-21-2004 at 6:21pm
New UpDate:

Real Friends:
Chelsie, AMber, Missy, megan, brittany, britt, Grace, Andi :), Jenny, Paul, Jill (jackson jill), jilly, Ashley C., Emily H,.,Sam, ian, and I will add more later...

Friday night:
~~~~Grace came over and watched 13 with me b.c. I couldn't go too the movies. (sorry Olivia!!! I really am!)

Saturday ngiht:
~~~~Amber came over b4 Graces party and helped me curl my hair, man she said i looked HOT! HeeHee Then I went over to graces for her PaRtY!!!! HeeHee, well first we were all just sittin there and hanging out 'n' shit, and then we all went too the graveyard and we stoped at Chelsie's house, b.c. her mom needed too know where she was going, adn then yeah, and then I spent the whole time there with Dana and Paul, and we made this chain link thingy while holding hands b.c. we were so fucking skared,a dn then we like ran all the way home (HeeHee) b.c. we heard police sirens and we were all skared to fucking death! HeeHee, and then Dad found a game of trouble and we were playin it with Paula nd Chelsie and everytime she would press the little dice thingy she would be like SORRY! and we woulnd all be like, Dana, wrong game! LOL!!! it was really funny. and yeah, Dana's actually really awesome! We had alot of fun, and then we were singign songs while playing the gitaur! Hee hee, it was alot of fun, and yeah, and so then these kids I know Chance and Travis were outside and shit and yeah, long story,... and yeah,

~~~~~ My dad and I hung out tonight and we were talking and guess what,,,,

Tuesday wehn i come too school, I'll be a whole nother person!!! YAY!!1 HeeHee

Quote of the day:::

:~:~:~: Don't listen too the people that make fun of you, they are just jelous b.c. they can't be just like you! :~:~:~:



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