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sexycuban (profile) wrote,
on 3-22-2004 at 8:05am
Current mood: happy
Music: **100 for fighting**
Subject: stuff
Hello good morning peoples ! hehe i got up really early cuz i couldnt really reallly hyper for some reason i unno anywho yesterday i talked to mike on the ohone (i hate the damn phone) it was cool i dont usally use the phone so i hope hes happy lol and now were married haha our kids are going to be funny looking lol anywho i hope ai works out i really wanna see him i miss him alot hmmm my foot is asleep grrr ...aww im watching this vidio and these teenagers are in a tree in the middle of no where and just like looking at each other and like kissing really softly its soo sweet man i wish i had that they look so happy and in love and they are just sitting on this tree in love thats so awesome its so beautiful and now they are like old lovers sititng in the same tree aww anywho off this emo stuff....hehe today im suppose to go to ai but i unno i want to go but i dont feel like getting into a bathing suit today anywho ill prob end up going for a couple of hours just to swim yesterday i was talking to some friends and its like im so happy b.c jen is working things out with cookie man they are great toegether i can see how happy that he makes her and i forgot who else but they found a b/f so im like yay for them anywho i really dont have much more to talk about so i guess ill update laters bye bye all

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