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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 3-23-2004 at 5:16pm
Current mood: mellow
Subject: nice.
hey kids. how are you. I am singing in our schools talent show on friday. Im singign with Sloan. Anyone ever seen mulan rouge? err....Im not very grand at spelling but yes. aynwho the song come what may, funfunfunf. How are you doing. in the time that I was away I had a DI competition and unfortunantly we are not going to state but you know life goes on. its alright. I was quite bummed about it when it happened. we are also getting our classes for next year. hooray hooray hooray. not too exited. I would really like to take an honers english but who knows. I am not ok with the whole corty patty thing. the reason being theyve gone a little too far and I just think that it needs to end. ok I take it back not end but ah i dont know. theyve gone to far and not too far as in she pregnant and has a kid but I mean garshey not even that far just beyond comfort zone if you will for the beholders. I miss the old patty. corty has changed him. for instance. he hated bright eveys beofre. he made fun of those who did enjoy thier music, now beuacse cort is obsessed with them he is. naturaly. and you know i really woludnt mind usualy so he changed styles nice, but it happened right after they became an item. but who am i to jude what they like and dislike or what they are and what they arent. Ill try to accept them for what they have become and relize that they once were my loves. they still are mind you but ah you know. corty fears that i have "changed" we are seeing eachother on sat in Gatlenburg and she told this to cars. ah cars is amzing. she makes everything alright. shes always there and if shes not her answering machine si always there. I love her. I love cort too. they are them and I love them ofr it. well I must be going to soccer. hooray for it. thanks fro always any questions you can e-miail or Im
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