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bocaheath05 (profile) wrote,
on 3-24-2004 at 9:43pm
i believe in fate. actually nothing happened tonight that would drastically change my thinking on fate, but overall, in these past few months i've noticed myself becoming more interested in it.

today was absolutely boring. i mean i had some nice, fun moments with my mom. us losing the alarm company man in our house. he was in the bathroom. i think with my getting older (obviously - cause no one gets younger) i'm getting along more with my mom. and this is a good thing.

wow. i want ice cream. i know that is extremely random but I do.

i really hate when people use abbreviations like "brb" and stuff. but now i am being hippocritical, cause i just realized i use abbreviations like that! oh my goodness.

missed out at what i think was a party at leah's last night. pretty dissapointed. I was not informed...oh well. since i wasn't there you must be wondering where i was. i was at the movies with my mom ( it seems to be a lot of bonding going on, whoa, mother/daughter bonding). i saw mystic river. it deserved the awards it won.

iluvBITP: we have no ice cream
flOOrEdHeArT: hahaha
flOOrEdHeArT: food
iluvBITP: this is a very depresing time in my life
iluvBITP: i want ice cream
flOOrEdHeArT: pretend!
iluvBITP: pretend to have ice cream? i dont think you can do that
flOOrEdHeArT: i am right now
flOOrEdHeArT: see?
flOOrEdHeArT: i do!

whitney whitney.

i've been recently thinking about my happiness. i don't think i am that happy. i wonder if i'm missing out on life because of anxiety of sorts and my lack of self confidence. could my life be better? could it? i sometimes miss my friends when i'm with them. what happened to the HAPPY HEATHER? was there ever a HAPPY HEATHER?

this is pretty deep. interesting i can vent my feelings out into a journal, anyone can see this.

maybe i will get with him over the summer. <3

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