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cutie2187 (profile) wrote,
on 3-25-2004 at 3:20pm
this spring break has been the best other then some annoyance by my sister...but thats okay..ive been to ai once so going again tomorrow i think and hopefully sunday too who knows.....i just really want a tan...and i have one but i want it a lil doesnt matter...i really want to cut my hair...its nuts...its getting way too long..if my hair grows two or three more inches it will be to my i guess im just going to wait about a month and a half and it should be to my ass and then ill cut it all off...not really but a lot of it.....i dont a dork and am too bored and marcos's older brother is calling me white...he is always messing with me...oh wellz...thaimi comes back today...i dont know waht time but she comes far i only seen cesar from school this spring only missing carlos and thaimi and jerrica...if i saw all those then i would be watching life or something like it...i love this makes you think about life...and how you really only have a lil time left and you should live it...thats my im soo excited for my future dude...i know what i want to do with it finally....its grades are good...i got nhs...i got everything at school going for me...all i need now is to work a bit harder and get accepted into university of florida...and ill be set...everything will be good...and im going to awesome...hehe im done...last night me and my mom talked about when i get was nice i havent spoken to her for a long time because everytime we talked she would always tell me how cold i am to people...and how i dont care and how much im careless and blah...i was like okay thanx your not perfect and her get along for now i guess...who knows how long that will last...crystal finally met the guy at the orthodnist that i thought was cute but not my type but crystals type...she thought he was cute and he tryed to hit on my was funny...he is like 17 and he goes to sis was following my into the room for them to take my expander out and he was like you dont have to go wiht her...i was like wow loser...oh dad's cell wont shut up...i want to throw babbling too much hehe...this is what boredom does to you...i want something but imi bored...oh yea im buying this bag thats soo cute for the beach that says i love boys or i lover surfer boys...dont ask i like di da...i want new pjs with ducks on them...dont ask why i just do...anywho im going to go cause kings of chaos is calling just felt like checking it because i have like 500 turns because i ignored it since like a while back....bye bye peeps

I want the kinda of the guy that...
-if I asked him if I was pretty, he'd say no.
-if I asked him if I was in his heart, he'd say no.
-if I asked him if he wanted to be with me forever, he'd say no.
-if I asked him if he'd cry if I left, he'd say no.
But then, as I walked away he would grab my arm and say...
-you're not pretty, you're beautiful.
-you're not in my heart, you are my heart.
-I don't only want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever.
-Baby, if you left me, I wouldn't cry...I would die.
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