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sexycuban (profile) wrote,
on 3-25-2004 at 10:06am
Current mood: depressed
Music: **Tell me that its real**
Subject: **everything**
hmm lets see today wasnt fun but wasnt to bad i talked to michael all morning ( friend michael d.) anywho yah were so stupid we made up storys to make each other laugh haha they were really funny anywho... arg my head hurts really bad...conjo! haha spanishness lol im talking to like 20 people at this moment haha im so loved hehe not! HAHA i love being stupid hehe hmm what to talk about lets see other than im really out of it right now im actually pretty damn happy i unno y but i am stupid haha.. donde estas mi pan cubano yo qero habla con el...haha i spelled that wrong i think anywho gtg nothing else to talk about bye byes!

-love your sex partner crystal-
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