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cutie2187 (profile) wrote,
on 3-26-2004 at 11:38am
have you ever met someone that off the bat you feel like you know them and they know you...its like love at first site...just not like in the movies and stuff where you automatically love someone....but you grown to love this person in 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes and you want to be with this person for as long as you can have them...all you want is to know this person like no with this person...when you are with this person everything is feel like nothing can happen to feel safe...your happy and you dont want it to change...this person is like a friend and you want more than just a friendship...but cant because its a scary thing...something horrible might come out of it or something beautiful...its based on the risks you take....

dont ask me where all that came was just thinking about being little and now and just everything...i remember in 1st grade i had my first boy call me...3rd grade i had the first boy like me and he gave me my first teddy bear for actual first crush was in 4th grade...hehe i remember when i was in day care before kindergarten (sp?) and guys had cooties and you had to stay away from them...i also remember me and leah beating up lil boys and they would push us off the swings and we would get dirty...and you had to cross your fingers so cooties wouldnt get to wow man we were some cute and leah and crystal would go in the back yard when we were younger and make mud pies with oranges and nasty stuff we found in the ground...we would also catch lizards and find there eggs and hold them untill they hatched...i know i had a few hatch in my hands...gosh...good old times when stuff didnt matter and you didnt really know what was going on....i wish for those days again....just to be 8 again and the only thing to worry about was catching cooties...and the best thing was finding a cookie or your mom bringing you a barbie or something to that effect...just simple things made you happy...but now adays everyone wants more...its amazing how people change from a childhood to teenage years...and now we are going to change while we get into our adult years....and we learn from our mistakes...risks...chances...moving on from stuff we dont want to move off of...from everything that happens to us...and we all become amazing people...gah too much umm i dont know...hehe but im going to go i got to call my dad and see if he still letting us go to ai...i got in trouble last night because i was online at 11:15...its not like i can get raped over the net...oh wellz...bye bye
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