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butterflykisses37 (profile) wrote,
on 3-26-2004 at 12:45am
Subject: lovelove all around.
His name:Alex
His height:5'4"
His eye colour:brown
His hair colour:brown
Date of birth:1-4-90
Place of birth:florida
Random questions
What physical part of him do you like best?:his smile :)
What part of him in general do you like best?:his um, laughlaughlaugh
Describe him in max. 5 words:funny, cute, beautiful, social, perrrrrrfect ;)
How does he smell?:like axe..and his house..
What does he do for a living?:hahhahhahhaha, right.
Where did you meet him?:school
What's his education?:um, 8th..grade..
Who are his best mates?:Patrick :)
How long have you known him already?:about 2 years
Does he know about your feelings towards him?:yes..
How does he dress? (Punk, preppy, sk8r...):um, right.
Which song describes him?:I don't really know.
Which song describes the way you feel about him?:Echo-Trapt
Which song describes the situation you're in with him?:Konstantine-SoCo
What is his favourite song?:he has a few..Last Kiss-AFI, War All The Time-Thursday..
What kind of music does he listen to?:everything from old afi punk to hidden in plain view :)
Getting personal....
Have you ever kissed him?:millllllllions of times.
Have you had sex with him?:nope.
Do you wish you had?:had sex with him?
Do you want to marry him?:I'm 13, but yea.
Do you want to have kids with him?:3.
Final questions
How does he feel about you?:he looooooves me :)
Do you LOVE him?:of course.
Unconditionally?:yes yes yes.
Then go tell him!

All About Your Crush (for girls) brought to you by BZOINK!

I thought it was cute. :)
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