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spud (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2003 at 3:20pm
Current mood: tired, sore, and wide awake
Music: offspring - end of the line
Subject: winter camping


i would consider my inaugural year successful.

lots of vulgarity
lots of ragging on women.
sexual assaults
burning trees


i did smell really good, but mom made me change my clothes and take a shower.

oh well. there's always next year.

bruce and i were hanging out at the campfire last night.

well, it was like 2 in the morning at this point.
and it started getting cold, and we weren't too tired, so we stoked up the coals and got it going again.

so we sit there, shooting the shit.

just talking about stuff.
somewhere around 4, we got hungry.

that's when we busted out the munchies and soda.

so we keep jawing.

keith gets out of his cocoon to take a leak.

goes back to bed.

we keep talking.
6 am rolls around and we're still talking.
running low on firewood.
but it's still pitch black out, and we're both deathly afraid of sasquatch.
so we decide to wait until daybreak to go get some more deadfall.
about 6 thirty, keith takes his second leak, and decides to join us.

7 o clock rolls around, and the horizon starts to lighten up.

but we still have enough wood, for at least a while longer.

so, about 7 thirty, we decide that it's time for all the other wussies who went to bed to wake up. and we must announce our departure for firewood.

so out come the explosives.

we had so much fun with those, that it was 10 o clock before we got anymore firewood.

and we had a lot of unhappy campers. because we were talking all night long in the middle of camp, and then at 8 in the morning we're lighting off black cats and chopping logs.

a bunch of nancy-ass party poopers.

so needless to say, i've been up for the last thirty hours, and still plan on going at least for awhile longer.

if i can't make it 36 hours, i don't deserve to live.

i'll be back.
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