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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 3-27-2004 at 8:48am
Current mood: Happily Mellow
Music: damien rice
Subject: what a life....what a life
hey kids how are you. well I saw corty last night. wow what a kid. I really love her. like alot alot. she is amazing. Im really glad I got to see her also because I was feeling mighty negative twards her and seeing her made me relize how much i really love her. ha she confessed all of the "happenings" with Pat. ah man. shes so cute. she doesnt really like the fact though that Pat is becoming "hardcore" if you will. I mean she thinks that he is doing it just for her and i told her i agreed 111.9 % so you know. HA it was great she goes frankly i was nervouse in coming to see you. and I was like i know. I could tell as well as carly hinted slightly and I was all an to be quite frank back, I thought oyu had become a horcore whore (me and carsly figured out that those rhymed ha and we laughed alright back to corty) because of Pat. and she goes what? why? and I explained how i felt aobut her and pat. ouu fun fun. I asked her how she felt about the whole patty thing. she goes "well we are in to deep I cant stop now" ( *side note she means deep as in feelings not actions well somewhat but not that far dont worry) and i go hmmm if I were you i would feel slightly controled and whorish. she laughed. I said no seriously. but well yes she understood. (this was all is Gatlenburg mind you) On Thu was My birthday ah great great fun. I got this really cool lamp with 5 different spouts on in ( all different colors), a star necelace, a guitar stand, 5 picks, a chrod postor and book, a MaMas and the PaPas CD, tickets to go to a guitar seminar with this amazing kid in Nashville or something like that, 2 Jones sodas, (I got 3 others in gatlenburg, they dont have them out here in ol lil nashville... poo.) anywho. so ya and i think thats about it. Well I had a soccer game and we played against this select team. (boys) and the coach afterwords goes I like what I saw #17 whats your name o my name is blabla, ha and so then he goes I would like you to be on my select girls team.....Im not really sure about it though. I mean like dont get me wrong i would love to get my sklls up before trying out for HS, it wasnt hard last year, but ah i dont konw. I dont really want to get that seriouse. ah skrew it hahaha. ps. I slept with my Chuckers on last
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