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butterflykisses37 (profile) wrote,
on 3-27-2004 at 1:57pm
Current mood: nice..but I don't feel good.
Music: nothing, nothing at all. ;)
Subject: I liked this one.
Have you ever...
eaten peanut butter out of the jar?:who hasn't?
learned how to play a musical instrument?:in band in 6th grade..didn't get very far..
smiled and cried at the same time?:yess
been confused but played along anyway?:hahahah alllll the time
mistaken a stranger for someone you knew?:haha, yea
called a friend/teacher/stranger Mom or Dad?:in kindergarden
made out with one of your friends, and then regretted it?:not by choice.
played hopscotch?:hah, in winter park with miss michele. :)
punched someone so hard they bled?:no, but that's a good goal
gotten unexplainable bruises?:yes actually
been poisoned, either on purpose or by accident?:no..
seen your favorite band in concert?:favorite band at the moment? no. but I have seen bands in concert at the time that they were my favorite.
bought a CD, then hated it?:duh
When was the last time you...
bought deodorant?:my dad bought me some about like, a couple weeks ago?
answered an equally stupid survey?:yesterday..but it was cuter
called someone a 'bitch', 'slut', or 'hoe'?:I don't really know.
gave someone the middle finger?:I think last night.
just drove/rode around for the hell of it?:don't have a car..ERIN!!
saw your very best friend?:she's here right now. :)
talked to your cousin(s)?:hm..about a week ago or so I talked to Chris.
read a book that influenced your life?:ooooh, I finished one like, 2 weeks ago.
played in the mud?:aw, a long time.
ate so much food you almost vomited?:haha, do it alll the time.
fell asleep during something important?:never..don't think.
did something new to your hair?:it's been a while.
went to the hospital?:couple years ago.
told someone you hated them?:haha, today I think.
cried uncontrollably?:4 or 5 nights ago..and it wasn't just "uncontrollably crying" it was uncontrollably bawling.
Who is...
your mother's best friend?:my dad.
the person you used to hate, but now get along with?:um..Mishel.
the first person online right now on your buddy list?:Alex.
the last person you made out with/had sex with?:Alex.
the one for you, that got away?:he hasn't gone anywhere. :)
Why should we, or anyone for that matter,...
feel sorry for you?:no one should really.
wish we were you?:I get straight A's..:) and I have the best boyfriend ever.
hate you?:see the previous question. ;)
want to murder you?:ah.
give you all our money?:because I want to see every band that I have a cd for..and moremoremore!
put you on our friend's list?:I'm nice.
talk to you online?:^^
read your journal?:it can be interesting..and miiiiiiiiind expanding. hah, I wish.
Either/Or Time Of Course...
radio or CDs?:CD's by far.
striped socks or patterned socks?:solid.
emo glasses or dyed hair?:oooh hard one. why not both?
best friends or boy/girlfriends?:what if your boy/girlfriend is your best friend? huh? and no one should make anyone choose.
sleepovers or hanging out time?:aren't sleepovers hanging out time extended?
pillows or sheets?:well, either would could pile up sheets into pillows and use pillow cases as sheets.
uncontrollable sobbing or hiccups(really the same, aren't they?)?:no they aren't the same.
four years of absitence or four days in a bathtub with your best friend?:haha, calling cooper my best friend, I'd say 4 days in a bathtub with him..keep the hot water comin'. ;)
Got Any...
Happy Bunny merchandise?:haah nope.
drug paraphernalia?:in my house? yes. in my possession? no.
pink things you can see right now?::) flowers outside the window.
weird talents we should know about?:didn't you ask that already?
family members that you haven't heard from in over 3 years?:^
dirty socks?:^
overdue library books?:^
back taxes?:^
one night stands/flings in your past?:^
people on your buddy list you've never talked to?:^
stuffed animals on your bed?:^
closet monsters?:^
secrets that are sort of pointless?:^
regrets that haunt you every day?:^
substantial amounts of money?:^
old ticket stubs?:^
memories/unwanted hair that you'd like to get rid of?:^

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