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sexycuban (profile) wrote,
on 3-27-2004 at 6:08am
Current mood: happy
Music: **NONE**
Subject: *Todays fun**
HEhe today was kick ass....i saw my really good friend crystalliz and we hung out the whole day and this guy we started talking to there hung out with us too omg! the dude was so freaken hot even tho he was kinda blah nice body too and he was hitting on me the whole day which got agravating i hate when guys do that grr pisses me off its like dude shut the fuck up and then he asked for my # and i didnt give it to him im not like that and i dont really need some player of a bf i need a real bf not that bs so yah just told him no i dont do that anywho the day was fun tiring and i got a nice ass tan so woot woot hehe anywho im tired as hell and my hand is all swollen cuz donna bit me damn her anywho im going to go now im tired bye bye
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