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shootinstarz (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2004 at 1:14pm
Current mood: pleased
Music: emily, lilia, and jules!!
Subject: tournament.
friday... i left school around 2:oo, and my madre, and i drove down to coral springs / ft lauderdale area. the people drive crazy! the shopping is incredible! the food is expensive! the people are all about basketball! i cant wait till the ncaa narrows down to the elite eight, final four, and the champions, because it's gonna be hella crazy there! so i got to la quinta hotel, and i ran into lauren, and brittany in their "oh-so sexy school uniforms", went up to my room and unloaded my shit, changed into my basketball uniform, ran into coach kolheim on the elevator, and then met up with kayla (bk) and her mom pam in the lobby. they changed, and everything, and then everybody drove over to the coral springs gymnasium... it's this HUGE building with three back-to-back courts, with big droopy drapes hanging between them. amazing gym, awesome. we played the south florida jaguars, and they beat us by a couple of points, after an intense game. the coach wanted everybody to meet in his room at 10:oo but me, bk, pam, and my mom were starving so we went over to carrabas. back at the gym, there was a girl that was 6'2!! six fucking 2!! and she was so tall and get this... she had just turned twelve! JUST TURNED twelve. she's not even done growing yet! anyway, i went back to the hotel, and everybody came into my suite. we were all hanging around just me, cailyn, meagan, cc, brittany, and lauren. brit, and lauren had to go back to their room, after brittany brushed my hair! lol... and then me, meagan, t (tanikua or however u spell it), and bk went down to the lobby.we stayed there until about 12:3o. it was t, and meagan sitting next to eachother on a 2-seated loveseat. then i was sprawled out on top of them, and bk was sitting at the edge. so compfy! i really, really, really really really really really really really really really like meagan. she's so awesome, we're SUCH good friends. we found out so much about eachother, and there is something so incredibly intresting about her, that just draws me to her. went to bed...

saturday -- woke up around 7:3o, got dressed in my uniform, and went down to the terrace for breakfast. i saw brittany, and lauren there in their sexy oh so sexy pjs, and met up with my new bestest friend meagan!! lol... and then i rode over to the gym for our 1o:15 game, and we won that won by a few points! whew. before the game i did my warmups, and talked to my new bestest friend meagan lol (( did i already say that )) , and hung out with cailyn ( bleck. ) and stuff. that was cool. brittany, and lauren (( i hydrated her during the game!! )). julianna came just in time for the game, she reminds me so much of kayla boyd. she's also one of my new very good friends. further explaination... so my mom took julianna with us because we were her "parents" for the weekend lol, me julianna and cailyn went over to publix, got some subs for lunch, and ran into cc, and meagan and bk there. bk, cc, meagan, me, julianna, and stuff went up to my room, ate lunch. julianna and T wrestled a little, bodyslammed 89lb julianna lol! then, after some rest between me and meagan we went to the 3:oo game, won that won bad! lol... then we met with coach kolheim and coach cattanach over at the lobby of la quinta where everyone was staying and arranged to meet at that nights game at 6:45... and we all tried to figure out what was wrong between meagan, and julianna. they're both scuh good friends, but i dont want to get in the middle of it. idk! lol... idc! then we got to the game, and i played 2 quarters, and unfortunately bk left because she had to visit family from boston... :( tears. we lost out game though... by a couple of points. it was real aggresive, and good. so we didnt get any games today... UNFORTUNATELY... so we all went out to dinner at twojays which is kind of like jasons deli... and jamie put mustard in meagans straw, and meagan actuall drank it... w/out knowing! i felt so bad for her! lol... and i got to spend some time with emily, so that was cool. yup.. then we went back to the hotel where me, meagan, julianna, T, and some of us hung out. there was a sweet 16 party going on, and these three guys came out, won was kind of cute, and we said hi to them, and they walked out of the hotel. then this one of them came in, and asks me how old we all were, and i laughed and said "fifteen". then ::lol:: cc goes, " tell him the truth! tell him the truth!" it was so hilarious. we todl him we were all 13, and me and meagan went out with them to the front of the hotel. they were from venezuala, columbia, and puerto rico. great guys! no english. lol!! so we belw them off competely, came back in the hotel where me and meagan sat on one of couch all sprawled out on a one seater, and then the rest of the girls were scattered. then at 12:oo we all went up to our rooms, and me, cailyn, julianna tlaked until 1:3oAM!! so much fun. so much to learn!! i love jules to fucking death!

sunday -- i woke up at fucking 7:4o to jules pushing on me lol, and me, cailyn, jules went down to the breakfast at the terrace where we met up with the 12 and under division whose apparently kicking some ass (( or bassett lol jamie)), and then after some nasty ass waffles and cereal lol jules we all ate out in the hallway, waiting desperately for t and meagan to come out. they were in the room across from ours... and t came out, hung out, and meagan woke up, dragged her georgous self in her big white blanket over to our room, and me and jules placed our 10 dollar bet! which by the way i won, nobody gets 10 dollas though, because everybody was w/ me. except meagan didnt kno! multiple? OH YEH! lol... im still cracking up at that jules! and then i said bye to everybody, and hit the road with mommy... and here i am at home!

i love my basketball team. they rock ass, and i've made four really good friends on that team so far, and a bunch of potential ones. i love you guys! especially julianna, meagan, kayla, and cc!! brittany, and lauren... you guys rock ass !!

you know you love me,
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