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butterflykisses37 (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2004 at 6:43pm
Current mood: nice.
Music: atreyu :)
Subject: LAVA
today was fun. Alex came over around..1..we talked kissed watched part of sleepy hollow put dreads in my hair then went to Mark's show, whcih was realllly cool. Mark's band was first, out of three..but we didn't get to see the third. they were really good. :) the second band was really cool too. they kinda reminded me of atreyu..'cept I can tell what the lead singer of atreyu is saying. dude, Mark and Davis moshing was so..I wanna say cute, but it just wouldn't fit..I guess. it was funny. Holly was there. I haven't seen her in so long, it was nice. she and Ryan remind me of Alex and I. I'm just a cheeseball like that. dude, I just dled a song by Atreyu called Bleeding Hearts getting all excited because I thought it might be like, a new song or a really old song or something..and it turned out to be Lipgloss and Black. I hate it when people do that and get the names wrong. oh well, it's still a good song. oh and guess what? they might be, probably, coming with From Autumn to Ashes. how fucking cool is that?
yesterday was the pig roast. thank god Alex went with me. he had fun, which made me happy. I had fun too..except for the part when that really crazy woman freaked out about us kissing..and then tried to get us to dance..dude, she was fuckin gone..I mean, gone. she was so should have seen the look on my sister's face when she took her cigarette from her and started smoking. hah, and then she pulled my dad out of his chair making him fall. she made herself look like such an asshole.
and I just found a new..or old..atreyu song for real. this makes me happy. I'm going to go try to match it to a cd. :)
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