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butterflykisses37 (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2004 at 8:27pm
"and no one cares about your relationship anyway." if you don't care, don't read. stupid fuckin self-absorbed spoiled wanna be original asshole teenagers. I mean, seriously, I don't write in here for people to read. I write in here because it's something to do and, I like to write. and yea I have it in my profile, some people do like to read, one..that doesn't mean you haaaave to click it, suckas. so getting that out of the way..
I fucked up our happy week of no fighting. I didn't mean to..I was just an asshole today. I'm on my period. so maybe that was it? I don't know. at Mark's show I threw my ice on him..because I don't know, he was doing the little ass grabby thing that I hate, and he knows I hate, and it embarassed him..even though no one saw. I don't know, I feel bad now. it's only 8:32. and I'm exhausted. I haven't really felt good since yesterday and ehh..I don't feel good. I need Alex..but I don't think he likes me too much right now. he thinks "I don't care." is this caring? this is caring. I care. I'll prove that I care. I love him so much. I'm fucking eating my own heart out. goodnight.

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