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shootinstarz (profile) wrote,
on 3-29-2004 at 8:57am
Current mood: excited
Music: jamie
Subject: today...
i cant wait till 7:oo tonight university of conneticuit (( uconn! )) is fuckin playin penn state (( psu )) and fucking lilia's for PSU and im for UCONN (( as if u didnt kno )) and they're plattin it out for a spot in the sweet 16 i believe... neway, im so sick!! i think its from my friend jules or something because she was sick and so was bk.. oh shit... i cant breathe out my nose, and i feel like ima puke. but its weird cuz i dont FEEL sick, i just AM sick. thats good i guess? i got to go put on some bronzer... today in school will be fine. i hate it though.

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