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TheGirlWhoHasNoDreams (profile) wrote,
on 3-30-2004 at 5:43pm
Current mood: Eh....
Subject: Stole From Ben
About you]

[1]name: Susan
[2]age: 16 (soon to be 17)
[3]birthday: 7/13/1987
4]location: Battle Creek, MI
[5]where were you born?: Albion, Michigan
[6]where do you wish to be?: anywhere but here
[7]whats your hair like?: medium short, curly, dark brown but soon to be red
[8]what about your eyes?: normal dark brown when moods change: anywhere from dark green to bright blue
[9]how tall are you?: 5'5
[10]you secure with your body?: well it doesn't go off and do it's own thing if that's what you mean. otherwise no i am not. i'm very self-conscious
[11]so what kind of music do you like?: All kinds. Classical to Punk so what does that tell you? As long as it's not country or rap ok

[12]parents names: Frances...i don't know my dad's name though
[13]any step monsters?: adoptive monsters...Julaine and Frank
[14]siblings?: One that I know out of 8
[15]what are the bastards names?: Paul the other 7 I have no idea
[16]do you have a dog?: Yes. Casper
[17]do you have a cat: Yes. Reis
[18]any other pets?: ferret named Nadia, two fish Bubbles and Mr. Wiggles, and three mice
[19]what's your dream pet?: a dolphin or any other wild animal
[20]have a big house?: not my own, my parents own it
[21]do you drive?: yes....sort of
[22]if so, what kind of car do you have. if not, what do you want?: I want a 1977 Monte Carlo Black

[This or that: music]
[23]saves the day or piebald?: Saves the Day
[24]le tigre or bikini kill?: Le Tigre
[25]mushroomhead or chimaira?: neither
[26]barenaked ladies or blink 182?: Blink 182
[27]weezer or the strokes?: The Strokes
[28]sparta or at the drive-in?: At The Drive-In
[29]sparta or mars volta?: Mars Volta
[30]the white stripes or the b52's?: The White Stripes
[31]selby tigers or bangs?: Selby Tigers
[32]pedro the lion or dashboard confessional: Dashboard Confessional
[33]punk or emo: both
[34]punk or riot grrrl?: punk
[35]riot grrrl or emo?: emo
[36]pop punk or punk rock?: punk rock
[37]screemo or softcore?: screamo
[38]which core(hard, soft, queer)?: does it really fucking matter?

[Your computer]

[39]you have aim?: yes
[40]how bout yahoo?: nope
[41]who still has icq?: i don't even know what the fuck that is
[42]you have msn?: nope
[43]kazaa?: no
[44]winamp?: nope
[45]whats your winamp skin?: see previous.
[46]have a digi cam?: yep
[47]a webcam?: nope
[48]have a cd burner?: yep
[49]got a dvd player on here?: yep

[Love life]
[50]have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: Yes, David
[51]how about a crush?: yes
[51]does he/she know you like them? possibly?
[53]tell us about him/her: not sure what to say but i think they know who they are
[54]have you ever been in love?: yes....once actually and very much so
[55]do you still love him/her?: yes i do. i know that this person may not want to hear that but i do....i always will
[56]ever kissed someone of the same sex?: yes
[57]so you're gay right?: ask smarter questions jackass
[58]are you out?: of what? my ass? i like that response so i'll keep it....
[59]how far have you gone..sexually?: i've gone all the way before
[60]when's the last time you had some action?: none of your business
[61]you're a virgin right?: see last answer fuck balls
[62]how about oral sex? it's been quite a while
[63]ever gotten your heart broken?: yes very much so....he feels bad for it though and i wish i could feel better and make him feel better too
[64]ever broken a heart...hearts!?: no....i've always been the dumpee
[65]ever been cheated on?: yeah...
[66]ever cheated?: no


[78]are you anti-social?: not really...are you?
[79]how many people do you consider true friends?: 4


[80]wearing: blue jeans, a burgandy t-shirt
[81]eating: Peanut Butter flavored PowerBar
[82]drinking: Water
[83]listening to: The stupid movie playing on the tv next to me while I try to zone it out
[84]talking to: I was talking to David but he left
[85]downloading any music?: no
[86]watching tv?: not really, a dumb movie is on, so i guess no

[Opinions ; Likes]

[87]whats your favorite color?: Blue
[88]whats your sign?: Cancer
[89]how about your chinese zodiac?: Rabbit
[90]is pop punk an oxymoron?: who the fuck really cares? punk as it was known is dead and has been dead since the 90's
[91]christian punk?: again, who the fuck cares
[92]girl punk?: no thanks. most girl punk isn't good....
[93]whats your favorite month?: July because my b-day is in july
[94]favorite season?: I love them all
[95]favorite song?: too hard to decide
[96]favorite band?: again
[97]favorite shoes?: flip-flops, sneakers, or any of my dance shoes
[98]favorite shirt? the one I am wearing
[99]favorite pants?: the ones i am wearing
[100]favorite....thing?: pool, so I can do one of the things i love to do most....swim
[101]favorite instrument?: Guitar, Harp, Piano

[This or that... again]

[102] Coke or Pepsi: Coke
[103] Sprite or Mountain Dew: Sprite ReMix
[104] Day or Night: Night
[105] Black or White: Black.
[106] Velvet or Satin: Tough one....I like both....ummmm...velvet
[107] Turkey or Chicken: oooh that's a tough one...Both
[108] Dreams or None: Sometimes I wish none because a lot of my dreams have let me down
[109] Fear or Pain: Pain
[110] Boots or Sneakers: Sneakers so I can run
[111] Hockey or Baseball: Hockey
[112] Easter or Valentines: Valentines because Easter reminds me of a religion I am forced to believe or something of that nature
[113] Relationship or Friends w/ Benefits: Relationship
[114] Cell phone or Beepers: cell phone
[115] AIM or Yahoo!: AIM
[116] Yahoo! or MSN: AIM
[117] AIM or MSN: AIM
[118] Snow White or Ariel: the gang rape victim lyying dead at the end of my street..
[119] Eyeliner or Mascara: Eyeliner because it looks eyelashes don't need mascara really long all ready


[120] Straightedge?: eh. if i didn't smoke occasionally then i would be totally sXe
[121] Alcoholic (or drink a lot?): no
[122] Smoke?:when i get really upset
[123] Smoke weed?: nope
[124] Go to shows?: wish i had the time to
[125] Play in shows?: wish i could
[126] Dyed hair?/ Color? red
[127] Turn ons?: light kisses on my back, slight touching on my back and stomach, etc. I guess all the really romantic stuff
[128] Turn offs?: being rushed and the person being rough about it before we start
[129] Do you like sex on the beach? (not the drink): I would love to have sex on the beach with know who you are....
[130] Soft comfortable screw?: ummm? a soft screw? never heard of it.

[ Colorful stuff... ]

[131] What color underwear are you wearing?: black
[132] What color sheets are on your bed?: They're mutli colored. Orange, Purple, Blue, Pink and Red
[133] What color is your car?: the car that will be mine is going to be purple
[134] What color is your dream car?: RED
[135] What color is your carpet?: beige
[136] What color are your bedroom walls?: sky blue with clouds
[137] Do you like purple?: really dark purple yes or lilac purple yes
[138] What did you think of when i say... GREEN?: sick
[139] Who's name do you scream when you see a bright yellow hummer?: No one's
[140] M+M's... what's your favorite color?: red and blue
[141] What color are your nails?: no color
[142] What color are your toe nails?: no color
[143] What color are your shoes?: ummm....I've been wearing a lot of different fli-flops what I wore today, they were blue

What time is it?: 4:49pm
What's the date?: 2.30.04
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