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TheGirlWhoHasNoDreams (profile) wrote,
on 4-1-2004 at 7:32pm
Current mood: ok i guess
Subject: Stole from Ben....again
[my name is]: Susan
[in the morning i am]: not always awake
[love is]: hurtful sometimes
[i dream about]: a lot of things

-W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X-
[what do you notice first?]: eyes and personality
[last person you slow danced with]: David

-W H O-
[do you have a crush on?]: not going to say
[easiest to talk to]: David, Beth, Nikki, Liz, and Ben

-H A V E .Y O U .E V E R-
[fallen for your best friend]: yep.

-W H O .W A S .T H E .L A S T. P E R S O N-
[you talked to on the phone]: still talking to beth
[hugged]: David
[you instant messaged]: Liz
[you laughed with]: beth

-D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U-
[could you live without the computer]: not sure
[what's your favorite food?]: too hard to choose
[whats your favorite fruit?]: blueberries and strawberries
[what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?]: emotional
[trust others way too easily?]: yeah....i still feel the consequences of this

-N U M B E R-
[of times i have had my heart broken?] : a few times
[of hearts i have broken?] : none
[of boys i have kissed?] : 3
[of girls i have kissed?] : none
[of drugs taken illegally?] : none
[of tight friends?] : a couple
[of cd's that i own?] : ahelluvalot
[of scars on my body?] : a lot
[of things in my past that i regret?] : trusting the wrong Ben your not included with this regret.

[i know]: i want to get better
[i want]: to love and be loved in return... ditto
[i have]: amazing people around me
[i wish]: i had my life back
[i hate]: a few people
[i miss]: my life
[i fear]: clowns and rejection
[i hear]: Beth on the phone
[i search]: for inner peace
[i love]: i don't want to say right now.....this is an area that....well. let's just leave it at this
[i ache]: to have my life back
[i care]: for David
[i always] : try to care for everyone
[i dance]: a lot
[i cry]: when i am sad
[i do not always]: smile
[i write]: with pens or pencils but mostly pencils
[i confuse]: David....a lot
[i can usually be found]: at home, the pool deck at Lakeview High, or at Dance In Motion dance studio
[have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing]: the Super Bowl party with David, Matt, Nick, and a couple other guys that are close friends of David and I
[favorite place to be kissed?]: my lips, my back and my neck
[have you ever been caught "doing something"]:no....oh wait yes i have...i bet ben still remembers too
[druggie]: fuck no
[gang member]: yeah right
[daydreamer]: yeah...
[alcoholic]: no
[freak]: no i don't think so
[brat]: nope just stubborn
[goody-goody]: sometimes
[angel]: sometimes
[devil]: oh yes....i am nicknamed Lucifer by Sam. he made me mad one day so i kicked him in the shin to get back at him
[friend]: i hope so
[shy]: around people i don't know well
[talkative]: when im around people i know really well
[adventurous]: somewhat
[intelligent]: that's what i've been told

[impacted you the most spiritually]: ummm....definatley Ben, Nikki, David, and Beth. They all have helped me in many ways spiritually and stuff like that
[wish you saw more often]: Nikki, Cheslsey, and Dennis
[wish you could meet]: wait why would i have to meet my friends?
[most sarcastic]: Beth
[wish you knew better]:
[knows you best]: David, Beth, and Nikki
[best outlook on life]: David, Nikki, and Liz
[most paranoid]: Rachel
[sweetest]: Nikki

-Self- Analysis.You.Probably.Don't.Want.To.Do-
[your best feature (personality)]:i can usually make people laugh and make people have a really good time even though something started out bad
[your biggest flaw (personality)]: i can be very loud sometimes
[most annoying thing you do]: hmmm. im very critical of myself
[biggest mistake you've made this far]: trying to hold on to a runaway dream....i still do wish that it would come true
[describe your personality in one word]: that's too hard....genuine
[the physical feature for which you are most often complimented]: I'm not sure....probably my eyes or my smile....maybe whoever reads this could give me what they like the most in a comment.
[person you regret sleeping with]: I don't regret sleeping with him....
[a smell that makes you smile]: David or just flowers
[a country you'd like to visit]: Hungary, India, and Australia
[a drink you order most often]: soda, water, or gatorade (even though most places don't have gatorade i drink that a lot)
[a delicious desert]: cheesecake and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
[a book you highly recommend]: The Cloud Sketcher by Richard Rayner
[the music you prefer while alone]: Emo and Heavy Metal
[your favorite band]: too hard to decide
[a film you could watch over and over]: The Butterfly Effect, Mony Python and the Holy Grail, and Keeping the Faith
[a TV show you watch regularly]: Judging Amy and Charmed
[you live in a(n)]: a house
[your cologne or perfume]: Victoria Secret's Rasberry
[under your bed or in your closet you hide]: memories that i tried to forget
[something important on your night table]: pictures of my closest friends
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