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lizster540 (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2004 at 11:37am
Current mood: happy
Music: Jimmy Neutron
Subject: I Love Sheen!
Hey, I was just thinking how crazy it was that i've had this journal for practically a whole school year. It's seen my ups and downs. It knows my friends. It's just crazy to think that I write in this almost every day about my life. I bet if I went back and read some of my early entries i'd be like "Hey, I remember that!" I dont think anyone really reads my journal or is intrested in my life anf thoughts, but it's cool to be able to put down my day and not have to write it in a lame journal that you have to lock and crap. Anyways...I just wanted to say Thank You Journal, for listening to my crap.

- Word
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