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Kandy (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2004 at 4:13pm
my friends tell me to give up. but i don't think i can even handle life without him. i hate how we are right now. but i love him too damn much. i can't leave him...even if we aren't really together. he doesn't believe some of the stuff i say and is like scared of the other things i say. it's almost a lose-lose situation. but i can't break free. i don't want to. the misery and love is comfortable. its how we are right now that makes me miserable. not the feelings i have for him. i love him dearly. always have. believe i always will. i just don't know what to do or how to handle things right now. god i just feel so lost. i know i have college and that's like the only sure and constant thing in my life. i have a couple friends who will be there for me whenever i need them and a few others that i'm not really sure about. i'm just lost and alone...
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