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lizster540 (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2004 at 6:19pm
Current mood: ecstatic
Music: Kenny Chesney- some people change
Subject: against all odda against the grain love finds a way some people change
Wow! i'm actually giving real updates instead of quizzes. Today was rockin. Me and mom went and ate at this cool restraunt called Semolinas. Then we went and got this ice cream from a really gnarly place called Cold Stone Creamery...or something like that. [[they opened one in the Savannah Mall...go there!]] Then we went to the mall. We were in abercrombie i think when i saw this lady...she looked so familiar but i didnt think about it, until i tunred around and saw DUNN DUNN DUNNA! Ashlee Powell. YIKES! Okay, me and her used to be goooooood friends, then she started being a beeeotch aqnd stuff. So i just avoided her and finally she didnt call me anymore. I knew if she would have saw me she would have called me tonight. And the lady was her mom, i knew i knew her from somewhere. I practically jogged out of the store and me and my mom went up to Express, and somehow i knew they where going to come in...and the did!! i was like hiding around the corner and i sprinted out really fast, haha. It was so funny, i was like dodging them around mom was like "your insane!" Then i got these RAD brown New Balances...i have the grey ones but i think the brown ones are cooler. And the best one has them and they cant get them cause they are going out of stores! woo hoo. bout to head over to Katies and stay the night. We are gonna have a mad cool time, maybe Luke will come...since im terminal and everything. haha. Well ill update tomorrow or something! Later Skater!!
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