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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2004 at 8:53pm
Current mood: slutty
Music: a perfect circle.
i woke up this mornign with sand all over me.
and when i brushed my hair, grass came out.

dont ask.

my face is so itchy. owww.

i need some one to talk to.

and yes i know i can talk to you, dont get upset and leave angry comments.

i just cant.

i will be smart and stay silent.

i love how people act like thier your friend to your face. but wont ever talk to you, outside, unless they have to.

i hate the way it feels when you know a part of you just died.

i talked to my mom today. it was good fun. i love her.

zack is 14. can you believe it. i completely forgot he was a teenager.

we are still like 10 and 8 in my mind.

lol. id like to scream what i am thinking at the top of my lungs. then run away so i can hide.

it sucks when you know you cant go to the who should be able to comfort you.

good night
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