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sexycuban (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2004 at 10:04am
Current mood: confused
Music: **none**
havent written in my journal in a couple of let see im going out with james...its all good i guess im not that happy but im trying to find the good out of this i guess thats all i got hes nice and stuff its just stuff anywho i had my walk-a-ton today that was fun...hmmmm lets see i feel like shit all the time my sinus'es have been really bad lately so ive been taking all my meds so im like blah... my sister is getting on my nerves as always the damn comps wernt working i spent an hour fixing them she sat on th bed crying b.cuz she couldnt talk to her friends and then i spent 15 mins begging my dad to go to best buy to get stuff for our comps which i didnt get a thank you for and by the way i was on my dads bad side today he hates me once again nothing new tho...arg you know that expression time heals all wounds well thats all bs time heals nothing you just have to find something else to fill the pain your in and i have yet to find my something ....i wish i could be this smart strong person so i knew the answer to my problems but i dont i gotta be stupid like always and just keep wondering and hopeing to stuble along an answer to them oh wellz done with my bs and stupid stuff ill write more laters im tired and ready to go to bed...adios

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