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lizster540 (profile) wrote,
on 4-4-2004 at 10:04pm
Current mood: satisfied
Music: Yellow Card- Sure Shot
Subject: Adam Brody Is The Man.
Hewo. How are you? I am terrific. Katie was supposed to spend the night but she got homesick. I dont blame her. I get it just about everytime I go over to someones house. But today was fun. Church rocked but I really wish we would have sat with the youth because...well just because. Tomorrow is gonna be off the hizzy. Me and Katie are hittin up the beach. I'll probably sleep the whole freaking time. And then wake up and be burnt like a french fry. This wendsday i'm going to be devestated without church! I guess it gives me something to look forward to next wendsday. I'm so freaking ready for Summer. I need to get out of that school, that class, and away from alot of those people. I think once summer starts my attitude will change completely. I think the reason i've been so to myself lately is because I just am so sick of school. Im sick of tests, exams, papers...Uhg i all sucks. And now I have a project due in like late April. If those people think that i'm coming to Honors Day they can bump that ludacris idea. Last night was awful. I couldn't sleep AT ALL. My nose was so uhgggg stuffy and runny and my eyes were so itchy. I swear to goodness I hate pollen. Which reminds me...Today me and KT walked past my neighbors house and their daughter's car was out there. Well they are all old. But anyways..someone wrote "wash me" on her car. And for some inapparent reason I wrote "HOLLA" on it, then on the back I wrote "Im old" and Katie wrote "Old Fart". I feel so bad for doing that because I dont even wanna know how she felt when she say that stuff and now as silly as it seems I feel terrible for it. That lady is always so nice to me. Ahh. I seriously need to think before I do stuff. Anyways...Im gonna go watch a movie or something. Leave a comment.

Love In Christ, Liz
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