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lizster540 (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2004 at 1:56pm
Subject: Yet another quiz...
If you found out you had cancer, who would you tell first?:Well since my family would already know, I would tell Mr. Huey, my youth minister...because he's such a great guy to talk to
If you had one day to live, who would you spend it with?:I would spend it with as many people possible! I would have all my friends/loves with me
What do you love most in life?:I love being alive! it's awesome. God has truly blessed us all with the gift of life...and I think knowing that makes life awesome
If you lost a family member, who would you go to for comfort?:My church
Who is one famous person you want to meet in life?:Bam Margera
Who is one infamous person you want to meet in life?:Parker Shinn
V-day on the phone with your sweetheart or hang out with your friends?:Hang out with my boyfriend and friends
What do you cherish more, music or your family?:My family...but music is second on my list
Who do you trust most?:Amelia Morgan...she is such a fox! haha
If you could get any car you wanted what would it be?:A Blue Wagoneer or a black Murano
Who/what do you miss most in life?:Shane And Savannah...
What is your most cherished memory?:playing football with Shane in the cheesy as it sounds
If you could go forward in time, who would you be with and where?:I would be with John Szeker [[in my dreams]] and We would be living in California
If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be?:California
If you could change anything in your life, what would you change?:I would change the way i've acted in the past towards people

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