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butterflykisses37 (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2004 at 6:13pm
Current mood: excited
Music: Aerosmith.. :)
Subject: I <3 you!
so this is exciting. I am going to a concert with my parents..haha. I guess it isn't really weird, I mean, my dad went to warped tour last year and he'll be going again this year, but whatever. it'll be fun.
yesterday was a blast. I went to a cheerleading competition with laughed at all the crazy screaming soccer moms. then we went to eat with his mom's best friends, whose daughter was in the competition. then we..dun dun dun..went to the beach. yea..I went to the beach. I am so pale, it's so sad. and I'm so self-concious that I make myself wear a guy's bathing suit over my bikini..legs=uglyyyy. but I think my boobs looked nice. ;) such a nerd. anyways, we had fun..even though he picked me up and threatened to throw me in the cooollllldd ocean. eek. and I'm good at putt putt! kind of!
yea and today is Kurt's D-Day. did he, or someone else kill him? hm. I don't really know, who does? but I think if I had to bet my money on it, he did it. so guys, if ya know, you're christian, pray. if you're buddhist, meditate. if you're some other kind of religion, do whatever you do to mourn or whatever. and if you're an agnostic, or if you're (my favorite, though I'm not one) an athiest, siiiiiing! and keep in mind, whatever yuo are..he wanted to be dead for a looong time..suicide or not. alrigth, I think I'm leavin in a few, so I'll see you cats on the flip flop! ;)

<3333 Aerosmith! (and Cheap Trick.)
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