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sexycuban (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2004 at 6:00am
Current mood: contemplative
Subject: **tODAY**
hmm today was kinda weird...i thought i liked james and like he kissed me and it felt like i was kissing a friend and im not attracted to him at all and i feel really bad becuz he really likes me and i dont like him at all today i spent lunch with him and i was like ahh just kinda wanted to be alone i wanna be single not to worry about having a bf but im not sure what i should do and like hes kinda had alot of experiance like hes had orgies and stuff and thats kinda gross and i dont think i could ever have sex with him cuz i mean eww anywho so my day was kinda weirded out anywho so im just contemplating weither i should like break up with him and be single or stay with him and try to make some chemestry the thing is i dont want to have to try for a relationship i wanna just be me and someone just fall in love with me for me nothing presured oh wellz ill just wait my turn to find someone to love......hopefully when i find someone to love me it will last a while...oh wellz today i was bored and i wrote a list of things i wanna do before i die so here it goes...

1.Find true love
2.Make a differnce to someone
3.Grow old with someone
4.Make love to someone under the stars
5.see snow
6.fall asleep next to someone i love and love me back
7.Skinny dip
8. See a miracle
9.Make someone laugh when they are in pain
10. Go rock climbing in the mountains
11. get married
12.Go to the airforce
13.Experance a year in a forien country
14.Make a differnce to the world

well thats it for now..thanks for tuneing in!

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