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buttercup954 (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2004 at 4:16pm
Subject: i'm bored!
Movie character that best describes you::hmmm dunno
Song that best describes you::still haven't found that one
Favorite board game::splat
Luke or Owen Wilson?:luke
Favorite Muppet (including Sesame St.)::pepe!
Grocery store you shop at most::albertson's
Favorite video game as a kid::tetris
Jim Carrey at his best, funny or serious?:middle
Concert that changed your life::hmm you'd think i'd say smashing pumpkins but i think moby/bush. it wasn't just the concert it was that whole weekend
How many pairs of socks do you own?:a lot..
Favorite philosopher or composer, take your pick::mozart
Biggest fear::dying
Do you know how to roll your tongue?:you mean while speaking another language? no
Hidden talent::i don't have a hidden talent :o(

20 Questions brought to you by BZOINK!

Random questions for a random soul...
When you open a forwarded e-mail do you ever:
Check all the addresses to see if you can figure out who else got it?:um i might glance but i don't find it interesting.
Ok, new stuff...
What jewelry are you wearing as you take this quiz (describe!)?:um you remember those i.d. bracelets form when you were a kid? yea one of those. and pink, black and red rubber bracelets.
How many past romances do you still hang on to or think about?:well anyone who i am/was close to is in my mind at random times.
What song are you listening to right now?:no doubt - don't let me down
Your favorite flower?:tulip
Favorite bug?:rollie pollies
After you've been slacking, do you ever feel guilty?:yes. but i still do it all the time.
Guitar: acoustic or electric?:acoustic has more soul to it :o)
Do your parents give a shit if you cuss?:probably not by now. but i still don't do it.
Your opinions on eyeshadow (fav color)?:lol um, it's cool, i wear it... i like bronzes and goldish tints.... what a random question.
Wackiest color you've ever claimed was your favorite?:lime green. but it wasn't a claim, and not really that wacky either.
Are you practicing your determined religion?:i wouldn't say i have a "determined religion".
The last time you hallucinated, why did it happen?:lol, i never have.
Was it fun?!:
Have you ever taken one of those personality quizzes?:yes.
If so, did you actually believe it would tell you a damn thing about you?:only if they're right ;o)
Masturbation: how often?:n/a
Is poetry lame or has it ever touched you in a way?:neither of those fit.
Do you keep your shoeboxes (after buying shoes)?:not habitually.
What do you keep IN them?:junk.
Do you lean to the dark side or the bright side?:the grey side.
Do you have a lazy eye (like, even the slightest bit)?:no...
Favorite animal and what it symbolizes to you.:penguin. i've just always liked them. maybe cause i'm cold and bitter. haha.
In your opinion (well, obviously), what's the most sensual fruit?:strawberries.
How many nights a week are you out late?:hmmmmmmm well what is late?
Do you do that to appease your friends or to help spice up your life?:what?
The spiciest thing you've ever eaten?:i'm afraid to eat spicy things, i'm very sensitive to them.

RaNdOm!~! brought to you by BZOINK!
When the aliens came,
Were you alive?:no
Where were you?:it was 30 years before my time
Is it really always colder on the other side of the pillow?:yes
Do you like ducks?:hehe yea, they waddle
Why?:cause they waddle!
When do you think you'll be married?:when i find that person and want to (wow, how logical!)
Do you think you will ever be in an orgy?:no
Do you have any animals?:yes
If yes, how many, and what kind?:i have my kitty, d'arcy. the others don't count :oP
Are you in love?
With whom?:the things that make me happy
Do you think you'll ever find love?:yes
Would you ever try beastality?:wtf, no. and why would someone admit that in a survey?
You must be bored.
Have you ever gotten caught masturbating in the closet?:nope, can't say that i have
If no, Isn't it a good hiding spot?:no
Do you sleep naked?:when it's really hot in the summer
How about pajamas?:those too
T-shirt and undies?:yes
Just boxers then?:sometimes
Have you ever ran from the police?:no
What are you're top five favorite bands?:
5:ben kweller
3:the strokes
2:white stripes
1:smashing pumpkins
Do you like this quiz?:it's ok
What do you dip french fries in?:ketchup
What is the grossest thing you have ever eaten?:soggy noodles ::gag:: it's really gross
What is your favorite thing?:music
Who is your favorite person?:my dad
What do you want to be when you grow up?:happy
Do you think you'll ever have to be a bum for awhile?:i'm not that much of a slacker
Do most people like you?:i guess...
Do you play well with others? I do.:uhh no
If i said, i'll have a scotch on the rocks....what would you say?:sorry, no scotch in the house
Hopefully not "Would you like ice with that?":no. i know what "on the rocks" means thanks
Cuz that would be dumb, right?:yes
Since "on the rocks" means, with ice. Right?:yes
Do you like my quiz?:you lost points there
What was better, this one, or the last one you took?:this one

Nonsense and such. brought to you by BZOINK!
Funniest person you know:the question makes me think i should have some super hilarious friend that's way funnier than the others. well, i don't.
Smartest person you know:my dad.
Prettiest girl you know:all my chic friends are hotties, that's just the way it is.
Most good looking guy you know:::cough:: justin ::cough:: ah, so the truth comes out.
Favorite food:top ramen.
Least favortie food:anything with chicken.
Ugliest food:chicken!
Smelliest food:chicken! and vince's spaghetti sauce.
Last 4 questions
Do you like dogs or cats:cats.
ducks or hippos:ducks, haha.
Kitty or Rock:?
Did you think this quiz was...odd:i've seen worse.

Oreodog15's Untitled brought to you by BZOINK!
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