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shootinstarz (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2004 at 8:20pm
Current mood: tired, coughing, sick.
Music: 7th heaven IMs
Subject: everything/anything...
seems lately there are so many razor whores around first catherine goes to a mental instituation for suicidal reasons and shit and cutting mia gets therapy for "carving" a "c" on her foot and telling somebody, and suicidal intentions or whatever, girls have at least ten slits up and down their arms, depression keeps reoccuring, and it's like razor whores are everywhere, and anywhere. first pot and bud weiser was the thing, taking quaffs of shit. the world is unstable enough, and now it seems as if the planet is like a woman in heels after 3 glasses of white zinfandel. AND THATS NOT GOOD. well... just sharing my thoughts. meagan's back on the team :) t's not :( but thats kind of a CROOKED smile cuz i dont really care. lol. i got to hang out with lauren, i like her a lot she's cool well hey i've got to go eat some salmon!!

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