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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2004 at 9:23pm

this is the song stuck in my head -> im a hustler baby, i just want you to know, it aint who i am, but where im bout to go.

lmaoi, were did THAT come from?

since i wasnt in school today i became: Ana The Couch Potato Wonder.

there was a special on Nirvana and Kurt Cobain on ALL day.

i watched it only because the host was broadcasting from seattle. and im a little interested in that stuff, most of it is old news.

it was the most depessing 4 hours ever. i think it was longer too.

blahblahblah. it makes me sad that we still dig up kurt cobains memory every year.

i know it was a hard blow when he died, but how does anyone expwct it to heal when we just scratch open the wound every year.

yes i know he spoke to everyone. he spoke to me too. but alas he is dead. it is sad, yes, but it was very much his own choice. nothing can be done.

and we can only be told so many times what happened. it just basically the same story every year.

ah well what can you do.

they only showed parts of seattle i didnt see very well :(. the only thing i was really close to, that i knew of, was the space needle.

but i did watch Life or Something Like it, which takes place in seattle, that was exciting.

i watched mona lisa smile today. it was good.

and i watched the nighmare before christmas. which was good.

i should be doing world history homework,

shame on me.
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