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lizster540 (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2004 at 10:24pm
Current mood: stoked
Music: Yellow card- sure shot
I just got done watching Dog Town and Z Boys. I suggest everyone who's into skating watch it if you havent already seen it. Seriously that movie is hard core. I mean it really helps you understand that skating is not just any other sport and those guys are so fucking awesome. I swear. And i was happy to see 2 chicks on the team. Dude my sister is trying to kill me. she made me go eat at Shintos with her. That restraunt is good and all but it makes me sick. but we saw Zeke Gaines and my sister yells out the window IM CRAZY! i was like you asshole hahaha. we were talkin about highschool and i said i was gonna go in there and be like "IM CRAAZY! NOW BE MY FRIEND!" to all the people. And im gonna tell my teachers if they dont give me 100's ima gut them like a fish. And i was like, im gonna bring a gutted fish when everyone else is bringin in like apples and im gonna like swing it around and make sure the guts get everywhere...haha we have some sick minds, me and ashley. the guy who works in movies music and more is such an awesome dude. we had like a 10 minute convorsation about random stuff, hes so raw. but he has some weird obsession with Tenacious D...i was like alright buddy, calm down. yeah but hes cool as hell. i think im gonna go do a survey just to piss people off. yeah okay later on.

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