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candysweet14 (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2004 at 6:16am
Current mood: blah
Music: i hate your MTV
Subject: wha-whatever
Nin o chithiaglier lasto beth daer rimmo nin bruinin dan nin Ulear. That's elvish. Anyway...

Sorry that I have not posted in a long time. I have been very busy. and I WOULD post what I have been doing...but nobody ever reads this i don't think there is a need. Cause like...only one person reads this and she doesnt even read the whole post!!

So instead of telling you about my awesome journey(which you prolly wont read!!) I shall simply tell you that it hurts when I breathe in. And most of the time I feel like nothing around me is real, like it's all just a crazy dream. I sink deeper and deeper into it but I can move just enough to keep from drowning.
Not sure if that means I'm mentally ill or something. I hope not. Of course, I wouldn't want to be sane or anything like that. But I'm not sure I want to be more crazy than I already am. I've lost too many friends over it as it is. And the ones who are still my close friends are too far away to even speak to and even they are slowly forgetting about me.

My fate is to be alone surrounded by many people. DONT take this as a pathetic self esteem issue!!!! I'm NOT talking about outward appearance.

Blah....nevermind. Forget it. I gotta go. laterz.
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