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lizster540 (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2004 at 5:14pm
Music: TFK- This is a call
Subject: Re-did the journal...again
Hewo. I felt like updating once more. I think I update more then a normal Woohuian should, but I was always a little strange.

I was thinking about how I've lost alot of friends. I mean. I think we all go through it but I really have lost touch with alot of really great kids. Im not going to say any names, but I would give anything to be friends with those people again. And I didnt lose them by a fight, it was more like...we all had different classes and just lost touch. I miss 5th and 6th grade. I had some cool friends. I miss em'.

Everything is pretty happy right now. Im not to thrilled about my dad coming home from Cali...buut I cant exactly do anything about that.

School is nearly over! Wow. I cant wait till highschool. I need some friends. I have no friends. And there are TONS of people I wish I could hang out with...but im too scared to say anything to them on the chance they decide they dont like me. But if they dont I guess I wouldnt want to be friends with them anyways....? Idk.

I swear, i'm such a loser. The only reason I didnt go to the beach with KT and Alanna yesterday was because I was scared I would "cramp their style". Isnt that so lame of me. I need some Prozac or something [[donations would be appreciated]]. haha. Well im out.

- CouNtry -
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